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About Us


Daniel Mandelbaum

Certified Family Mediator at Toronto Divorce Mediaton


Paul K. Steckley

Family Lawyer

We are family mediation experts in Oakville and Burlington.

Family mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It can resolve conflicts between former partners and disputes between family members. At the law offices of Paul K. Steckley and Daniel Mandelbaum, we’re here to help you resolve your family issues efficiently and amicably.

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Do you need a family lawyer near you?

We are two experienced family lawyers based in Oakville and Burlington. We can help you settle your family law issues outside of the courts. This will save you time and money, as well as reduce stress.

Our services include:

Daniel Mandelbaum Senior

Family mediation with Paul K. Steckley and Daniel Mandelbaum

We’re both certified Family Mediators, which means that we have specialized training in helping families handle disputes outside of court. In addition, we offer family mediation services in Oakville and Burlington areas, so no matter where you are, we’re nearby.

Daniel Mandelbaum – Certified Family Mediator

Daniel Mandelbaum is an experienced certified family mediator who has helped countless families navigate the divorce process. Daniel’s practice focuses on finding solutions that work for everyone involved, and he uses his deep knowledge of family law to provide the most effective representation possible.

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Paul K. Steckley – Family Lawyer

Paul K. Steckley is a family lawyer with years of experience. He has built a reputation as one of Ontario’s leading experts on matters involving marriage, children, property, and support payments. Paul understands how complex these issues can be for families, and he works tirelessly to help resolve problems and find peace.

Please get in touch today if you think that family mediation could be right for you! We’d love to talk through your case and see how we can help.