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Burlington child support

Child Support: Why do you need that it?

Child Support A divorce can be rough for a dependent child. It is no secret that the ones who suffer the most in a failing marriage are the kids. So, it’s only ethical for parents to consider their children when making these tough life decisions. Unfortunately, most parents do not think about the repercussions of […]

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Legal separation agreement template

Take a step back; file for legal separation!

Divorce can be an extreme measure for many. Specifically, legal separation can be an excellent option to avoid the difficulties a formal divorce might bring. A divorce means you have to legally part ways with zero contact. It is a one-way route out of your ex-spouse’s life, leaving no room for negotiations. On the contrary, […]

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separation agreement advice

Achieve your peace of mind; Get your separation agreement ready.

Divorce is a bitter issue to deal with for everyone. No one wants to part ways with someone they have loved and cherished for a long while. However, it would be best if you took strict measures to eliminate the negative aspects of your life. But, of course, it is only possible if you have […]

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affordable child support lawyers near me

Child Support: Know your rights, and demand now!

Child Support: A Divorce is almost always either the worst part of someone’s life or the most satisfactory one. A divorce can feel very liberating if you feel like your partner is becoming toxic and hurtful. However, in many cases, it is a rather unfortunate event that wreaks havoc on the couples. Lives and the […]

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family mediation services near me

Family Mediation | Make amends through it

Family Mediation: Not all relationships are meant to last. Bonds can wear down with time. And there is no shame or embarrassment in admitting that and mending things for a better future. When a relationship between a once loving couple falls out, it can drastically become a race to the bottom. People not only ruin […]

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family lawyers and mediation services

Save your failing marriage, last time: Try taking mediation services!

Mediation services: Relationships tend to fall out. What once was a power couple can, later on, become a source of stress for each other. It is a common sight nowadays, mainly due to the hectic routines of both partners. Both partners have a career and a personal life to balance. So, it can take a […]

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child support mediator near me

Child support: A luxury or a necessity?

Every divorced parent who won the children’s custody deserves child support. In this unstable economy, staying afloat is becoming harder and harder. Even though we love our children unconditionally, it is also essential to recognize them as an expense. Apart from all our love and care, children require money to be spent on them. Instead […]

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separation agreement Oakville

Separation Agreement: Know about Its Types and Roles

There are several scenarios where a separation agreement is beneficial. First, you have been sharing responsibilities, like home, bill payments, mortgage or rent payments, and parental duties if you have kids together. You may have made plans to share things in the future, like potential income or responsibilities for the cost of schooling your children. A separation agreement […]

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divorce mediation near me

Divorce Mediation: Some benefits of contacting it!

Divorce Mediation: An impending separation is profoundly stressful and vulnerable due to the potential loss and uncertainty in many areas of life. These divorce mediation areas include home, partnership, financial security, family, parenting time, relationships, future life plans, etc. Protect the Children The most significant factor impacting kids’ psychological and emotional health is the amount […]

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