Parenting Plan

Now You Have to Play Dynamic Roles Individually as a Family!

When you and your partner have decided to separate, it will be a lot more complicated than you realize. But you’ve still made the right decision. It’s essential to keep your kids’ best interests in mind and make the transition as smooth as possible.

You need to decide two things: how much time each parent will spend with the kids and how you’ll make decisions about their lives. DM Divorce Mediation helps make the best parenting plans for both parents.

Parenting Plan

How Should a Parenting Plan Be Developed?

There are several factors that I consider when drafting a parenting plan. Here are some things which I include:

  • Description of how parents will communicate with each other about their child’s school life and medical care needs
  • Statement of shared responsibility
  • Description of both parents’ general household rules for raising children (e.g., bedtime routines)
  • Outline of parental obligations and rights
  • Description of each parent’s involvement in birthdays, holidays, vacations, religious activities, etc

If you’re co-parenting, your children will be spending time at both of your houses. So they have to keep track of what’s allowed at each home and what’s not. Again, consistency is essential. Whether you agree to allow video games in the evening or not, you can’t revoke the privilege at home.

Primary consideration to the child’s physical, emotional and psychological safety, security and well-being.