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Separation Agreement: Know about Its Types and Roles

separation agreement Oakville

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There are several scenarios where a separation agreement is beneficial. First, you have been sharing responsibilities, like home, bill payments, mortgage or rent payments, and parental duties if you have kids together. You may have made plans to share things in the future, like potential income or responsibilities for the cost of schooling your children.

separation agreement Oakville formally addresses what lawyers did with shared assets and responsibilities. It will also define the steps they have to take, including selling your property to split the income, among other arrangements.

Type Of Separations

There are two types of separation, and the agreement is according to it which are as follows:

  1. Trial Separation
  2. Permanent Separation

Trial Separation

This trial separation is for trying and seeing if things will work out for a better future. You and your spouse have time and some separation agreement. And both have time to decide whether to go for a divorce or not. It gives you the chance to think, clear your head, and figure out what to do next. Though this separation and its agreement will impact your children, you can decide amongst yourself who will take care of them; how, and when.

Permanent Separation

Permanent separation is for getting forever separated from your partner with no intention of getting back together with them. Such a separation is always a divorce with some agreements, as the couple would have already decided. However, a divorce assures this finality.

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